Brain teasers: Cows and Bulls

The “Cows and Bulls” guessing game is a word or number puzzle game where one player selects a secret code, and the other player tries to guess it.

Brain teasers: Cows and Bulls

This time we are going to implement a simple yet fun guessing game called „Cows and Bulls”.

“Cows and Bulls” is a word or number puzzle game where one player, the codemaker, selects a secret code composed of four unique digits, while the other player, the codebreaker, attempts to guess it. After each guess, the codemaker provides feedback in the form of ‘cows’ and ‘bulls.’ A ‘cow’ signifies a correct digit in the right position, while a ‘bull’ represents a correct digit in the wrong position. The codebreaker continues making guesses and receiving feedback until they correctly guess the secret code (four cows) or decide to give up.

The challenge of the game lies in using the feedback provided by cows and bulls to deduce the correct sequence of the secret code. It’s a fun and engaging game of deduction and logic.

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Let’s start by reiterating the game rules:

  1. The codemaker selects a secret code, which is usually a sequence of four digits (e.g., 1 - 9), with no repeating digits.
Example: The sequence of „1234”.
  1. The codebreaker makes guesses, also four-digit numbers, trying to figure out the secret code.